Moulding Materials

  • Siligum is a very fast setting two-component modelling paste. Use to mould small objects and flat decorations. See project featuring artist Jenny Muncaster
  • Moulding Alginate is suitable for moulding complete items, soft or delicate objects or the human body.
  • Latex is made from natural rubber and can be used to mould masks, models and ornaments.
  • Plaster strips are perfect to produce masks or other imprints. Can be used to support other moulding materials.

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Gedeo Siligum Silicone Moulding Paste 100g

Silicone Moulding Paste for exceptional imprint accuracy. Flexible and resistant paste for accurate moulding of ornaments, models and flat decorations.
Very fast setting, two-component silicone moulding paste. Mix equal parts of the blue and white paste. Can be used to produce over 50 casts in plaster, resin, low melting point metal or wax. 100g covers an area of about 15x15cm.

Gedeo Moulding Alginate 500g

Suitable for moulding complete items, soft or delicate objects or the human body. Use the alginate to mould complete volumes very accurately. Sets in 10 minutes.
A natural seaweed-based product. You can duplicate up to 3 castings from the same mould.

Gedeo Latex 250ml

Concentrated formula based on natural rubber. Can be used to mould simple and complicated shapes, small items and larger thin items.
Mould masks, models and ornaments. Flexible and resistant. Allows multiple casts. NB Contains substances which may cause irritation by skin contact.

Gedeo Plaster Strips

Use to produce masks by applying directly to skin. Make imprints of other large objects. Suitable for making supporting shells for Siligum, Alginate or Latex moulds. Strips can also be used to cover wire frames, etc.
Pack of 4 strips of 8 cm by 3 metres. Can apply paints or varnish to the dried plaster. N.B. When moulding from skin first apply a coat of vaseline.

Gedeo Demoulding Vaseline

Use Demoulding Vaseline to simplify the demoulding of Crystal Resin. It protects the moulds. It can also be used to protect eyelashes and eyebrows before moulding the face with alginate or plaster strips.
75ml bottle

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