Moulding & Casting Gallery

Craft projects involving moulding and casting techniques provided by crafters as an inspiration to others.

Please contact us if you would like to submit an image of one of your Moulding and Casting creations for inclusion in the Gallery.

Ammonite Imprint Necklace

Ammonite imprint. Black polymer clay with shimmer effect created using Lisa Pavelka transfer foil, on a sterling silver plated rope chain. Laura is a student of Geology at the University of Birmingham.

Artist: Laura Hamilton

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Alanna's Hand

GEDEO Moulding Alginate was mixed in a container. The hand was placed in this and removed after the Alginate had set. Cast made using hard plaster and then painted by hand.
Artists: Alanna & Veryan Gibson

Heart Mould

Moulded hearts made from hard plaster.
Artist: Veryan Gibson