Clay Tools and Accessories

Polymer Clay Tools

Polymer Clay Tools
Pasta machine, acrylic rollers, extruders, cutters and a large range of specialist tools to add detail to clays.

Polymer Clay Push Moulds

Push Moulds
A large range of moulds to use with clays from FIMO, Sculpey and Makin's.
Also Lisa Pavelka border moulds.

Polymer Clay Texture Sheets

Texture Sheets
Sculpey, FIMO and Makin's branded texture sheets.
Texture stamps from Lisa Pavelka create deep textures.

Polymer Clay Shape Cutters

Shape Cutters
Large range of geometric and themed shapes from FIMO, Sculpey, Makin's and Lisa Pavelka.

Polymer Clay Bead Rollers

Bead Rollers
Use rollers to create perfect beads from polymer clays.

Jewellery Findings

Jewellery Findings
A range of specialist items to make jewellery items from polymer clays.