FIMO stonework

Polymer Clay Gallery

We hope you are inspired to be creative by the projects displayed. We are especially interested to see examples of unusual and imaginative uses of FIMO and Sculpey clay.

Please contact us if you would like to submit an image of one of your clay creations for inclusion in the Gallery.

Authentic Mushrooms by 'Mushieboy'

The headline photo is a representation of Amanita Ceasarea made using polymer clay and is based on a real life specimen. Click on the image and scroll to see other fungi.

Jason loves nature and most of all mushrooms. The bright colours and strange shapes of fungi fascinate him and as an artist he likes to create and replicate these things.

Artist: Jason Lynton
Telephone: 07882790354

Fairy Door by Fairy Sparkles

Michelle uses polymer clays to make imaginative items such as the 'fairy door' shown and other items such as Fairy cottage tea-lights and gardens.

Artist: Michelle Williams



Doll's House food in 1/12th scale by Mouse House Miniatures

Charlotte is an established micro-artist who uses polymer clay to create very realistic 1/12 scale items for doll's houses.
Artist: Charlotte Wilmott

Zigzag Bead Bracelet from Beedeze

Yasmin creates polymer clay jewellery and delivering workshops using this medium. The bracelet is reminiscent of sunset colours and is made with 10mm beads on elastic thread.

Artist: Yasmin Ali
Telephone: 07771321884

Toadstool Pencil Toppers by Make It Fantastic

Tamsyn from Make It Fantastic runs workshops using polymer clay for all ages. She also takes commissions. See her Facebook page for more details.

But You've Got Sprinkles!

These delightful mice were made by Kirsten Miller. Kirsten is a polymer clay artist who specialises in small animal sculpture.

Teapot by Birdy

Birdy is a polymer clay artist with 25 years experience. Visit her web site to see more of her work. She contributes to the Craft Cellar Facebook pages.

Galloping Ponies

Eight galloping ponies on curved base modelled from Premo! Sculpey.
Artist: Peter Bagley


Juliet has made this Dobby model using FIMO Puppen. He is half size.

Artist: Juliet Kebell

Peter Rabbit

Laurie is a versatile artist who uses FIMO to make beautiful flower sculpture, clay characters and more. Click on the image to see more of Laurie's work.  11 project images have been included.
Artist: Laurie Thorpe from Northampton

Necklace using Beads from FIMO

Bernadette makes fantastic beaded jewellery using advanced polymer clay techniques.

Artist: Bernadette Pickering

Shed with FIMO brickwork

The bricks have been sculpted from FIMO. Double click image for close up and to see model with stone detail. Keith works in all scales from 4mm to 24mm and has developed his own techniques for producing textured brick and stonework.

Artist: Keith Robson


Wordwide Sights

Vibrant 3-dimensional picture created out of foam board, textured paper, paint and FIMO. The materials are layered to produce a 3D effect. Commissions taken for FIMO art and personalised gifts.

Artist: Karen Krige
Web site:

Elephant Sculpture

Elephant sculpted from FIMO

Artist: Jon Hinton

Tobacco Tin Lid

Intricate faces on tin lid made from FIMO.

Artist: Dave Walker


Millefiori Jars

To see more amazing work by Dave click on More images for 'more images'.

Artist: Dave Walker


Faux Cloisonne Pendant

Fine silver pendant with polymer clay inlay.

Artist: Sarah Heath


Ornaments from Sheep Offence

Cute phone charms, jewellery and ornaments

Artist: Kirsti McNulty


Nativity Figures

Made using FIMO and Pebeo ceramic paints

Artist: Tracie London (Eden Rock)


Warhammer Style Figure

Character made from 5 large FIMO blocks approximately 35cm high
Artist: Greg Harper

Lemon Slice Earrings

Earrings in FIMO inspired by Miniature Food Masterclass

Artist: Veryan Gibson

Jessicas Friends

6 figurines in FIMO mounted on card.
Artist: Jessica Gibson

Aboriginal Lizard

Metallic copper FIMO rolled to make a tile with metallic gold FIMO in relief inlaid with beads.

Artist: Jessica Gibson

Necklace with FIMO beads

The beads were made using the FIMO Magic Bead Roller Plus "Triple Pearl" & "Ball".
The FIMO colours were metallic gold and metallic copper. The triple beads were wrapped in wire for extra interest.

Artist: Veryan Gibson

Tortoise from Creature Comforts

Artist: Veryan Gibson