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Springtime Daffodil
Clay Modelling

Clay Modelling
Be creative in 3 dimensions with an enormous range of oven-hardening polymer clays and air drying clays.
We stock the full range of FIMO and Sculpey clays as well as a large selection of tools and accessories.

Moulding & Casting

Moulds & Resin
Choose from a range of themed silicone moulds. Cast items using Gedeo resin.

Fabric Painting

Fabric Art
Paint on silks using Setasilk and gutta from Pebeo. Decorate cotton and other fabrics with Setacolor paints. We supply fabric items ready for decoration.

Glass Painting

Glass Painting
Use  Vitrea 160 (oven set or air dry) or Vitrail (solvent based) to decorate glass objects and panels.

Paper Craft
Art Materials

Fantasy Prisme & Moon
Pebeo Fantasy Prisme and Moon paints allow amazing creative effects.